Eskapee Coffee - 5 Pounds (2.2KG)

Eskapee Coffee - 5 Pounds (2.2KG)


Eskapee Coffee - created in collaboration with Loam Coffee.

*** USA ONLY***: For all orders outside of the USA please visit Loam directly at this link: Loan Coffee International 3-Pack Bundle

You're out on the trails with a bunch of friends. You've reach the top of the climb and the fresh smell of a golden sunrise hits your nose. It's a cool fresh morning and the silence of nature is all around. Deer are rustling in the distance and birds chirp above you as they wake for their day. You're about to drop into one of the best descents you've ever experience and everything is all about that moment. But first, relax, and make a brew of Eskapee and share it around.

It's about enjoying these moments and that's what Eskapee is all about.


Country: Mexico. Region: Comalapa, Chiapas. Comalapa is a municipality within the department of Chiapas in southern Mexico, on the border of Guatemala. Chiapas coffees are known for their mellow nutty sweetness and gentle citric acidity.

Program: Regional Select. The Regional Select program was started as a way to highlight unique profiles found to be innate to specific regions within coffee producing origins. These inherencies are often due to processing legacy, variety prominence, and overall terroir. Additionally, this program allows for numerous small farmers to contribute to a larger offering through the selective blending of their coffees.

Farm: Various smallholder farmers. Varietals: Typica, Bourbon, Caturra. Notes: Toffee, chocolate and almond flavors with citric acidity and an herbal aftertaste. Elevation: 1300 - 1400m. Processing: Washed. Roast Profile: light.